Our Goals

  • To support each individual to visualize their ideal living situation and then to accomplish those goals and dreams. By providing the supports, tools and resources, it is our expectation that the individual become a productive and contributing member of society in as independently a manner as appropriate and to the level that he or she chooses.
  • To assure that quality support services in the community are available to individuals with developmental and other disabilities regardless of their particular challenges.
  • To assist each individual that we serve to achieve his or her desired level of community involvement.
  • To create an awareness within our communities of the rights of people with disabilities.
  • To integrate the principles of choice and community connections into all training and service delivery.
  • To offer support and education to people with developmental disabilities.
  • To empower all people (both individuals served and employees) to exercise and protect their rights.
  • To treat each person that we encounter in our line of work as an individual, recognizing strengths, life situations and desires.